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Gold Star Design Award 2011

Edwards Lifesciences


The Crimper is a surgical product, taking part in the catheterization process of an artificial heart valve. 

The Crimper is a single use, non-patient contacting, compression device that reduces the overall diameter of the valve from its expanded size to its collapsed (mounted) size, effectively mounting it to its delivery catheter.  It is mandatory for the valve clinical procedure and it is being used these days all over Europe.

It is essential that the compression of the valve is done with a high degree of accuracy hence the Crimper has been engineered and designed to perform this task satisfactorily with special regard taken to the ergonomics of the device and its operation. The overall shape and colour of the Crimper have been specially designed to integrate harmoniously with the environment of the operating theater.

Client / 

Edwards Lifesciences

Agency / 

while working at Aran


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