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Sisram Medical


LMNT O2 Photon Beauty Device is a Medical-grade home beauty device powered by Alma Lasers International a world leader in advanced energy-based medical aesthetics.
This device is revitalizing collagen, anti-aging and brightening, purifying and stabilizing skin. 
It has two modes of treatment: Pure skin cleansing mode (blue light) for localized acne or oily areas for point-and-click care and Glowing shining mode (red light)
For localized dry areas.
The coverage area is larger, the thermal field effect is more uniform, and the heating speed is UP.
The new grapefruit pink Streamlined appearance design is paired with a skirt-shaped charging base to embellish the dressing table.
Hidden digital display, shows the care time when turned on and hides the screen when turned off to establish a clean elegant look.

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Sisram Medical

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